О массажном салоне Silavadee

About us


Thai Massage Salon Silavadee offers high-quality service. Our certified experienced masters are trained in traditions of oriental medicine. Visit Silavadee Salon to dive into the mystery of the ancient healing practices. Experience the benefits of the healing art of Nuat Thai and align your Yin and Yang. Our relaxing atmosphere, gentle hands of our masters, relaxing music and oriental aroma will help you rediscover the true harmony of your mind, body and soul.

Салон тайского массажа Silavadee


SPA Silavadee hires only professional masseurs from Bangkok and the Siam Islands. Our masters undergo many years of training and practice. Most of them graduated from the oldest Thai massage schools. Some got their training at Thailand University. Our masters proudly keep traditions and history of Thai culture protected by UNESCO and the King of Thailand. Our masters are well versed in Thai medicine that heals and rejuvenates your body and mind.

We are very selective and we hire the best-trained Thai specialists. We make sure that each masseur has medical and qualification certifications from the Thai Department of Labor. Our specialists are committed to improving the physical and mental health of our clients. Thank you for choosing the SPA Silavadee. You are in good hands!

Массажистки салона тайского массажа Silavadee

Appointments can be done in person, by phone or via website. If you want to cancel your appointment, please call us at least 12 hours before. If you do not call in advance, your payment or gift certificate will be cancelled and non-refundable.

Yes, you can request a certain master when you make an appointment. Our administrator will try to accommodate your request.

We recommend arriving 15 minutes earlier so you have time to relax and embrace tranquility of our Spa. You also need time to take a shower and change your clothes. Our assistants will provide everything you need (e.g. (bathrobes, pajamas, slippers, disposable underwear, and hygiene products).

When you come to our spa for the first appointment, we will ask you to fill out a form. You should tell the assistant about any medical problems (e.g. allergy, skin rash, acute back pain). We recommend consulting your doctor before signing up for massage.

If you know that you are late for your appointment, call our administrator ASAP. Your SPA appointment is standing for 15 minutes. Unfortunately, the time of your delay will be deducted from the duration of the procedure. We ask our clients to be respectful and arrive to SPA Silavadee on time.

We encourage clients to arrive early so they have time to take a shower, change into a bathrobe, slippers and disposable underwear. We recommend removing makeup. If you need, our administrator will provide you with wipes. We recommend avoid shaving 3 hours before the facial.

Tips are welcomed but not required. Tips are traditional in Thai culture but we leave that decision up to our guests. /p>


We ask you to remove and safely store all your jewelry and watch. The administration is not responsible for items lost or misplaced.

You should also remove piercing. If you have any questions, ask our administrator.

Thank you for following the etiquette of Thai Spa Silavadee.