О массажном салоне Silavadee


Our Masseurs

Массажистки салона тайского массажа Silavadee

SPA Silavadee — hires only professional masseurs from Bangkok and the Siam Islands. Our masters undergo many years of training and practice. Most of them graduated from the oldest Thai massage schools. Some got their training at Thailand University. Our masters proudly keep traditions and history of Thai culture protected by UNESCO and the King of Thailand. Our masters are well versed in Thai medicine that heals and rejuvenates your body and mind.

We are very selective and we hire the best-trained Thai specialists. We make sure that each masseur has medical and qualification certifications from the Thai Department of Labor. Our specialists are committed to improving the physical and mental health of our clients. Thank you for choosing the SPA Silavadee. You are in good hands!